For all of us at Steens Mekaniska, our quality and environmental work means constantly striving to be better at what we do.

Listening to our customers’ requirements and expectations and continuously improving our processes, efficiency, quality and service are the key to our approach to quality. By minimising our environmental impact and resource consumption and sorting and recycling our waste, we look after our environment.

To manage and control our business, we base our working methods on the total quality management (TQM) philosophy. To support our quality and environment work, we have a state-of-the-art, process-oriented business system certified under the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

We will be happy to send you our quality and environment policy!

To continuously enhance our customers’ opinion and overall experience of doing business with us, all of our employees are engaged in our striving for continuous improvement. In this way, we intend to ensure that we are the natural first choice for all of our customers.